We focus on polyurethane for shoe sole

Low-hardness and medium-density shoe sole PU resin for casual shoes for both men and women ZG-P-6570/ZG-I-5012


Dual density PU Resin for labor protection shoes (safety shoe) sole

Characteristic: Medium and low hardness, medium and high density.

Characteristic: Applicable to the production of single density or double density safety shoes

Typical properties of PU Resin

Name of productsAppearanceViscosity(Pa·s/50℃)Density(g/cm3/40℃)Package(kg)
ZG-P-6570White or pale yellow, liquid, no foreign material0.50-0.801.16-1.2018
ZG-I-5012Transparent liquid, no foreign material0.20-0.401.18-1.2020

Reference shipments ratio: A/B=30/24 (barrel)

Catalysts and auxiliary agents:


Note: corresponding adjustment should be made to the addition of auxiliary agent at different areas, different environment and different production conditions.

Typical processing parameters& Typcal properties:

Reaction characteristicstechnical standardsTest itemPhysical properties
Reference ratioP+C/IOutsole: 100/68-70Molded density(g/cm3Outsole: 0.90-1.10
In the base: 100/82-84In the base: 0.45-0.55
Material temperature(℃)Amaterial: 45-50; Bmaterial: 38-42Hardness(type A)Outsole: 55~75
In the base: 40~55
Cream time(s)6~9Tensile strength(MPa)600~700
End of Rise time(s)25~35Elingation(%)5.0~7.0
Metal mold temperature(℃)45~55Wear(%)≥10%
Demould time(min)3.0~6.0Free rise foam density(g/cm3Outsole: 0.60~.70
In the base: 0.28-0.34

Folding(room temperature)(40,000 gap length mm)<8

With the best ratio is based on the ratio, the ratio of value added with The type and quantity of paint additives vary.

The free foam density according to the seasons (temperature, humidity) vary

Ejection time with the increase of the thickness of molded extension

Folding conditions: angle of 90 degrees of flex, frequency of 80 times / min * 4 million

Data listed above are just for reference .The detail data are subjected to practical operation.If other requests for physical properties,please contact us.

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