We focus on polyurethane for shoe sole

Compensation & benefits

We expect talented people to join us and are willing to continually optimize our compensation system to provide more competitive remuneration packages for high-performing talents.

Salary & performance bonus

Annual basic salary, annual performance bonus (issued according to the annual performance results after the assessment), performance gain sharing rewards and other special awards, your salary is mainly determined by the following factors, including: company performance, department performance, personal performance and external market compensation situation

Option reward

The company will offer options to attract, retain and motivate top management and key employees

Benefit sharing and investment opportunities

The company provides investment people and relevant management personnel with profit sharing after successful investment, and provides opportunities for qualified employees to follow suit.


Medical, insurance and other benefits, national social insurance

Provident fund

Medical: Claims, insurance for personal emergency and hospitalization-related expenses: personal accident insurance, accident medical insurance, official travel accident insurance plan, vacation policy: annual leave, family leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, holiday gifts and special gifts

Physical and mental health

In addition to providing core compensation and benefits, the company also actively provides other staff services to support employees' physical and mental health, provide physical examination and fitness centers, medical consultation and service resources, annual tourism and recreational activities.