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Which sole material is better?

Oct. 28, 2019

Safety shoes sole is very important. The sole, whatever for the old or the little child, can be made with different materials. Do you know the differences?

1, Rubber and plastic synthetic bottom

The rubber synthetic bottom is a kind of high-elastic material. It is light and comfortable when worn. It has no sound, non-slip and wear resistance. It is based on rubber and 10% to 30% high styrene is added. The sole has both good elasticity and high hardness and rigidity, and its performance is very similar to natural leather.

2, Beef tendon (Jin)

Light yellow, translucent sole, beautiful appearance, and good elasticity and wear resistance, comfortable to wear. The bottom of the tendon can be made of rubber, plastic, or thermoplastic elastomer (TPR).

Safety Shoes Sole

Safety Shoes Sole

3, PU bottom

From the perspective of flexibility and wearing comfort and wear resistance, the Pu bottom is better. The price is the most expensive compared to beef tendon and plastic. It is made of polyurethane emulsion through high temperature foaming of the machine. The sole is very light. We are PU sole manufacturer, can provide good quality PU sole.

4, Plastic sole

Traditionally, there are new plastics and old plastics. The common raw materials are resin powders, which are mixed with calcium carbonate. The manufactured soles have high density and high weight. General wear resistance. The old plastic is recycled material, and the materials included may be crushed materials such as PVC, leather seat leather, and luggage leather, and added with black carbon and oil after crushing.

Old plastics are characterized by a lightweight, low-cost sole (approximately one-tenth the size of polyurethane). Finished shoes are often used to export to countries in the tropics.

5, Leather sole

The leather sole is a sole that automatically breathes and breathes the foot. It automatically releases the absorbed sweat to keep the foot dry.

The choice of shoe brand is also very important, you can choose the suitable one according to your needs.