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Things About Sports Shoes Sole PU Resin

Jun. 29, 2019

Sports Shoes Sole PU Resin for polyurethane shoes are mainly polyadipate series products. This is because the polyester polyurethane has excellent mechanical properties, and its tensile strength, tear resistance and wear resistance are better than polyether polyurethane, which can meet the most stringent labor insurance work shoes commonly used in the international footwear industry. Demanding requirements for materials.

Polyurethane shoe polyester polyol has a molecular weight of about 2,000. Depending on the use of the shoe and the difference in performance requirements, different types of polyester polyols are required. Polyethylene adipate and polyadipate are commonly used. Ethylene glycol propylene glycol ester, polybutylene adipate polybutylene adipate diethylene glycol ester, and the like. Sometimes one type is used alone, and sometimes two types are used together. However, the polyester polyurethane shoe material is inferior to the polyether polyurethane in hydrolysis resistance and low temperature flexibility. At present, many footwear varieties have been prepared using polyether polyols. Usually the former is suitable for the preparation of labor insurance shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, etc., and polyether polyurethane is mostly used to prepare lightweight casual shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes soles.

Sports Shoes Sole PU Resin