We focus on polyurethane for shoe sole

Performance And Application Of Low-Hardness Shoe Sole PU Resin

May. 29, 2019

Since the groups contained in the macromolecule of the Low-Hardness Shoe Sole PU Resin are all highly polar groups, and the macromolecule also contains a polyether or a polyester soft segment, the polyurethane has the following characteristics:

1 high mechanical strength and oxidation stability;

2 PU Resin For Casual Shoes has high flexibility and resilience;

3 has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance and fire resistance.

Polyurethane has a wide range of uses due to its many excellent properties.

Polyurethane is mainly used as polyurethane synthetic leather, polyurethane foam, polyurethane coating, polyurethane adhesive, urethane rubber (elastomer) and polyurethane fiber. In addition, polyurethane is also used in civil engineering, address drilling, mining and petroleum engineering to block water, stabilize buildings or subgrades; as paving materials, for runways in sports fields, indoor floors of buildings, etc.

Low-Hardness Shoe Sole PU Resin