We focus on polyurethane for shoe sole

Why Do People Like To Use a Sole Made Of High Density Low Hardness Sole Pu?

May. 18, 2019

1. High Density Low Hardness Sole Pu has the characteristics of softness, warmth, oil resistance, flexing resistance and wear resistance. It is more than 6 times more wear-resistant than rubber. It can adjust its density and hardness in a wide range according to the requirements of use. It can be made into two colors (double density). The double bottom of the sole is a micro-foamed, highly wear-resistant work surface, and the inner sole is a flexible foam that is comfortable to wear.

2, extremely light, the specific gravity is only 0.3~0.8, which is much lighter than the commonly used sole material. It is more suitable for thick-soled shoes that require impact resistance and anti-perforation. 15% of the world's safety protective shoes (labor shoes) use polyurethane (PU) soles. .

3, the mold requirements are lower, the production is convenient to invest and save (the foam pressure is small when foaming, only 0.14~0.2Mpa).

4, the molding method is simple and reliable, Medium-Density Shoe Sole PU Resin can not only produce the soles but also the production of shoes, (PU base and various fabrics have strong adhesion) varieties and flexible production changes, suitable for modern industrial production.

High Density Low Hardness Sole Pu