We focus on polyurethane for shoe sole

Market Expectation of Endurance Sole PU Resin

Jun. 15, 2019

Endurance Sole PU Resin is a polymer having a urethane segment repeating structural unit made by reacting an isocyanate with a polyol. Compared with ordinary rubber soles, polyurethane soles have the characteristics of light weight and good wear resistance. The polyurethane sole is made of polyurethane resin as the main raw material, which solves the problems that the domestic plastic bottom and the recycled rubber bottom are easy to break the bottom and the rubber bottom is easy to open. By adding various additives, the polyurethane sole has been greatly improved in terms of wear resistance, oil resistance, electrical insulation, antistatic and acid and alkali resistance. The author researched the use of new processing technology, molding process and design, the safety performance of the shoes is more stable, and the wearing is beautiful and comfortable, durable.

China Endurance Sole PU Resins were originally used only for everyday wear, and extended to work shoes and protective safety shoes as impact resistance, perforation resistance and slip resistance improved. Currently, 15% of the world's safety shoes are made of polyurethane soles. In the future, sports shoes and casual shoes were successfully developed. Nowadays, sports shoes are already high-tech products. Because of the variety of sports, the requirements for sports shoes are different. In order to enable athletes to fully develop their abilities, sports shoes can not be ignored. Polyurethane soles have a promising future in gymnastics, track and field, and ball. At present, polyurethane soles are constantly improving, focusing on wet aging, low temperature performance and light stability. In short, the microporous polyurethane sole is a promising product.

Endurance Sole PU Resin